Includes directors, comedians, and other show-biz folks

930 Fifth Ave today

Woody Allen


930 Fifth Ave (near 74th St)

Woody Allen is an American film director, writer, actor, comedian, musician and playwright. This is the apartment that Woody moved into after his play, "Play It Again, Sam", became a Broadway hit. It opened on February 12, 1969.

He lived at this address from 1969 into the1990s, in a large duplex penthouse apartment. He has since moved to a townhouse on E 70th st. with his wife and children.

75 Bank St

Lauren Bacall


75 Bank St.

Bacall is an American film and stage actress and model. Known for her husky voice and sultry looks, she has continued acting to the present day. She moved to this address with her mother when she was 17. By time time she was 21 she had moved to California and married Humphrey Bogart.

After spending many years in California, she moved back to NYC and into the Dakota at 1 west 72nd St, where she lives today.

230 East 62nd St

Tallulah Bankhead

230 East 62nd Street

Born in 1902, Tallulah Bankhead was an American actress who had a long career in movies, stage and TV. It was the movie Lifeboat (1944) for director Alfred Hitchcock that perhaps she is best remembered for.

She moved into this townhouse in the late 50s. She died in New York in 1968.

245 W 103rd St.

434 E 52nd St

Humphry Bogart


In childhood, Bogart lived at 245 West 103rd St. This house still stands.

In his mid 20s he moved to 43 East 25th St.

Pomander Walk260-266 West 95th Street
(dates unknown)

434 E 52nd St
Bogard lived here when he starred in the Broadway play The Petrified Forest, in 1935. This was the role that made him a star. He left for California in1936 to start his movie career.

John Lennon had an apartment here in 1973-74.

Just a few of Bogart's movies: High Sierra, The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, The Big Sleep (1946), Key Largo (1948), opposite his wife Lauren Bacall, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) and The African Queen

132 West 4th today

John Barrymore


132 West 4th St

Barrymore lived on the top floor of this townhouse between 1917 and 1920. The apartment is rumored to be haunted by the famous actor.

751/2 Bedford Street
This was an earlier address for Barrymore.
In 1923, poet Edna St. Vincent Millay lived at this famous nine and a half feet wide house.

Barrymore (February 15, 1882 – May 29, 1942) was an American actor, frequently called the greatest of his generation. A member of a multi-generation theatrical dynasty, he was the brother of Lionel Barrymore and Ethel Barrymore, and is the paternal grandfather of Drew Barrymore.

Patchin Place today

Marlon Brando


Patchin Place
( a cul-de-sac located off 10th Street and Avenue of the Americas)
Brando live here in 1943, while rooming with his sister.

43 Fifth Ave at 11th st.
Northeast corner.
Brando lived here in 1946 in a tiny apartment with a roommate named Igor, a Russian violinist. This was when he was studying acting in NYC.

53 W. 57th
In 1949, Brando and his close friend Wally Cox roomed together in a 2-room apartment in a building on this site.

13 St. Mark's Place today

Lenny Bruce


13 St Marks Place
The comedian lived here in 1964 during his federal obsenity trial.

Bruce was an American stand-up comedian, writer, social critic and satirist of the 1950s and 1960s. He was arrested several times on obsenity charges in the early sixties. He was found guilty of obscenity on November 4, 1964. The conviction was announced despite positive testimony and petitions of support from Woody Allen, Bob Dylan, Jules Feiffer, Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer, William Styron, and James Baldwin, among other artists, writers. Bruce was sentenced on December 21, 1964, to four months in the workhouse.

Steve Buscemi
263 East 10th Street


James Cagney


Avenue D and 8th Street
Born in 1899, this was Cagney's first home-Cagney's father, an Irish imigrant, owned a bar here.

In 1907 moved to 96th between 3rd Ave and Lexington Ave

420 E 78th St.
Cagney lived in an apartment in this building as a teenager.

34 Gramercy Park E.
This red brick Victorian apartment house called the Gramercy was built in 1883 and is probably the city's first cooperative. the building still has cable-controlled bird cage elevators.
It was also the home of Margaret Hamilton who played the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz.

34 Gramercy Park East

217 East 61st today

Montgomery Clift


217 East 61st St.

Lived here from1960 until his death in 1966.

Montgomery Clift (October 17, 1920–July 23, 1966) was an American film actor. He was known for his brooding, sensitive, working-class character roles, and received four Academy Award nominations during his career.
On May 12, 1956, while filming Raintree County, he smashed his car into a telephone pole after leaving a party at the home of his Raintree County co-star Elizabeth Taylor and her then-husband Michael Wilding. Taylor raced to Clift's side. He suffered a broken jaw and nose, a fractured sinus, and several facial lacerations. After a long recovery, he returned to the set to finish the film.
On Monday, July 22, 1966, Clift spent most of the day in his bedroom in this New York City townhouse. He and his live-in personal secretary, Lorenzo James had not spoken much all day. At 1 a.m., Lorenzo went up to say goodnight. The Misfits was airing on TV that night, and Lorenzo asked Clift if he wanted to watch it. "Absolutely NOT!" was the reply. This turned out to be the last time Montgomery Clift spoke to anyone. At 6 a.m. the next morning, Lorenzo went to wake him, but found the bedroom door locked. Unable to break it down, he ran down to the garden and climbed a ladder to the bedroom window. When he got inside, he found Clift dead. He was undressed, lying on his back in bed, with glasses on and fists clenched.

2 East 70th

150 East 69th st today

Joan Crawford

36 Sutton Place
1955 to 1957: After their marriage, she and forth husband, Al Steele, lived at here (his "bachelor pad") while waiting for their new East 70th St. apt. to be renovated.

2 East 70th St
1957-1967Crawford and Steel lived here for ten years until his death.

150 East 69th (between Lex and third) The Imperial House
After her husband's death she moved to this address.

In September 1973, Crawford moved from apartment 22-G to the smaller apartment 22-H. Her last public appearance was September 23, 1974, at a party honoring her old friend Rosalind Russell at New York's Rainbow Room. Russell was battling breast cancer at the time and died two years later in 1976. When Crawford saw the unflattering photos of both stars that appeared in the papers the next day, she said, "If that's how I look, then they won't see me anymore." Crawford cancelled all public appearances, began declining interviews and left her apartment less and less.

In May, 1977, Crawford died in her New York apartment from a heart attack. She was also ill with cancer.

88 Central Park West

Robert De Niro


88 Central Park West

Eve Weinstein (ex-wife to mogul Harvey) sold her renovated 15-room apartment to Mr. DeNiro in 2006--his purchase price was $20,900,000.

993 Park Ave

Marlene Dietrick


993 Park Ave (at 84th st)

From the 1940s to the mid 1970s Ms Dietrick kept, and often resided in apartment 12E, a four room apartment in this building.

19 West 68th today

James Dean


19 West 68th St.

Dean had a 12 x 12 ft room with the bathroom down the hall. He left NY and his apt in 1955, just 9 months before his death in a car accident.

The Christadora

Vincent D’Onofrio

AP Photo/Louis Lanzano

Christadora House, at 143 Avenue B

D’Onofrio bought the two-unit spread in 1998 for $890,000, according to public records. He sold in 2007.

Built in 1928, Christadora House is a 17-story, dark brown brick building where George Gershwin gave his first public recital. The D’Onofrios’ units were on the building’s fifth floor.

The Kenilworth

Micheal Douglas


The Kenilworth–151 Central Park West

The Langham

Mia Farrow


The Langham
135 Central Park West.

This was first Mia’s mother’s apartment (Maureen O’Sullivan). Parts of the movie, Hannah and Her Sisters were filmed in this apt. She was forced to move in the 1990s when the apartment was decontrolled and the rent skyrocketed.

530 East 72nd Street
Mia lived here in the early 60s while married to Frank Sinatra

530 East 72nd St

Carrie Fisher
The Eldorado—300 Central Park West (90th and 91st)

The Campanile

Greta Garbo


2 Beekman Place at Mitchell Place
The actress had a six room apartment here in the 1930's. This was her NY home when she wasn't in Hollywood.

Ritz Towers–465 Park Avenue at 57th Street
Garbo lived here for a time in the 40s

The Campanile—450 East 52nd Street
This is where the reclusive actress ived for close to half a century until her death in 1990. One room of her seven-room East 52nd St flat has been recreated and is on display in Sweden at the PUB department store where she once was a hat model and a salesgirl.

Judy Garland
The Dakota —1 west 72nd St.

The Warwick Hotel

Cary Grant

Warwick Hotel — 65 West 54th Street

This hotel's historical past includes some of the more prominent celebrities that were long-time residents including Cary Grant (who resided in the hotel for over 12 years) and Mr. and Mrs. Irving Berlin. The Beatles stayed at The Warwick during their first trip to New York, and it was also home to Elvis Presley whenever he was in New York City for various appearances.

Steve Guttenberg The Dakota —1 west 72nd St.

34 Gramercy Park East

Margaret Hamilton

34 Garmercy Park East

This was Hamilton's New York City home. She is most famous for playing the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz.

The San Remo

Rita Hayworth


San Remo Apartments-
145-146 Central Park West

Miss Hayworth lived here during the last years of her life in her daughter, Yazmin Khan’s, apartment.

244 East 49th today

Katharine Hepburn


244 East 49th Street

Hepburn lived at this townhouse in Turtle Bay for over 50 years.

16 West 11th today

Dustin Hoffman


16 West 11th Street
(between 5th and 6th)

Dustin moved here with his wife in the early 1970’s after he made The Graduate and then Midnight Cowboy. On March 6, 1970 the house at 18 W 11th exploded and caught fire, killing one person. The explosion caused considerable damage to Hoffman's house and he was forced to move. It turned out that 18 W 11th had been used as a bomb-manufactuing center by the 60s terrorist group the Weatherman and exposives were still on the premises.

Later he lived at the San Remo Apartments, 145-146 Central Park West.

The Beresford

Rock Hudson


The Beresford—211 Central Park West / 1 and 7 West 81st Street

This was Rock's home away from Hollywood.

The Dakota-Holiday
The Dakota

Judy Holliday


The Dakota —1 west 72nd St.

Holliday was a resident of the Dakota for many years.  She inhabited apartment #77 until her death from breast cancer at age 43 on June 7, 1965.

The Dakota

Boris Karloff


The Dakota —1 West 72nd

Karloff and his wife Evelyn moved to New York in 1951, eventually taking up residence in the Dakota apartment building.

Karloff had a one-bed, one-bath, 1,150-square-foot apartment on the top floor. The apartment sits in the upper-left-hand corner of the building when you look at it from Central Park.

212 East 72nd St

Elia Kazan


167 E. 74th St
Kazan lived here from 1945 to 1955. While living here he directed the plays All my Sons, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Death of a Salesman and made the movie of Streetcar as well as On the Waterfront.

212 East 72nd Street
Kazan lived here from 1955 until the early 60s. This home was close to his friend John Steinbeck's house at 206 E. 72nd St. While living here he directed Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Dark at the Top of the Stairs on Broadway and the movies Baby Doll, A Face in the Crowd, and Splendor in the Grass.

The Barbizon Hotel
(now the Melrose)

Grace Kelly


The Barbizon Hotel for Women140 East 63rd Street
(Now the Melrose Hotel)

In1947, after graduating from high school, Kelly decided to pursue her dreams of a career in the theater. She auditioned for and was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC.  Living in the Barbizon Hotel for Women, Kelly worked as a model to support her studies and began her first term the following October.

It's said Grace Kelly danced down the halls clad only in her skivvies

988 5th AveGrace lived at this address for a time.

Manhattan House, at 200 E 66th Street.
In 1952 Kelly signed a 7-year contract with MGM. Kelly signed the deal under two conditions: First, one out of every two years, she have time off to work in the theater and second, that she be able to live in New York City, at the now-landmarked Manhattan House.

Only 4 years later, Grace Kelly became Princess Grace with her marraige to Prince Rainier III.

425 E63rd today

Myrna Loy


425 East 63rd St.
The Royal York

Myrna Loy lived here for several decades before her death in 1993.
Loy is probably best remembered for her roll as Nora Charles in The Thin Man movies.

444 East 57th today

Marilyn Monroe


444 East 57th St, 13th floor.

Mailyn lived here with Arthur Miller whom she married in 1956. They divorced in 1961. She kept apartment until her death in 1962.

569 Lexington Ave (50th Streeet) location of the famous photo
During the 1955 filming of "Seven Year Itch," the Hollywood legend posed in front of  the historic Loews Theater, now the Metropolitan Hotel, for her now famous "skirt flying scene."

179 East 93rd

Marx Brothers


179 East 93rd St

Minna Scoenberg Marx raised her five sons at this address.

Similar houses on this block have been torn down in recent years to make way for new buildings but so far the Marx Brothers home is safe.

101 Ave A



101 Avenue A
Nico was one of Warhol's "factory girls" and a member of the Velvet Underground. She lived in this second floor apartment during the heyday of the Velvet Underground. The Pyramid Club is on the street level directly below this apartment.

Columbus Avenue at 51st Street
Jackson Browne lived with with Nico for a while at this address.

The Beresford

Tatum O’Neal


The Beresford—211 Central Park West / 1 and 7 West 81st Street

Ms O'Neal lived here with John McEnroe.

The Langham

Maureen O’Sullivan


The Langham
135 Central Park West.
Daughter, Mia Farrow, kept this apartment after her mother’s death. Parts of "Hannah and Her Sisters" were filmed here.

O’Sullivan was an Irish actress who was considered Ireland's first film star.
In 1932, she signed a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. After several roles there and at other movie studios, she was chosen by Irving Thalberg to appear as Jane Parker in Tarzan the Ape Man opposite co-star Johnny Weissmuller, with whom she had a brief affair during the early 1930s. Besides playing Jane, she was one of the more popular ingenues at MGM throughout the 1930s.

The Apthorp

Al Pacino

The Apthorp
2207 Broadway (78th & 79th Streets)

65 Central Park West

Sean Penn


65 Central Park West

Penn lived here in the mid eighties while married to Madonna.

467 W 21st today

Anthony Perkins


467 West 21st St.

Perkins lived here in the 1960s and 70s.

The Dakota

Gilda Radnor


The Dakota —1 west 72nd St.

The Beresford

Tony Randall


The Beresford—211 Central Park West / 1 and 7 West 81st Street

Randall had a 10-room sprawl, with 20 windows facing the park.
The apartment had coffered ceilings, four bedrooms, eight walk-in closets, 21-foot eat-in kitchen and private elevator landing.

San Remo Apartments145-146 Central Park West

Randall lived here before moving to The Beresford

The Kenilworth

Basil Rathbone


The Kenilworth
151 Central Park West

Old time Central Park Westers recall with amusment seeing, from time-to-time,  Sherlock Holmes walking in Central Park with Frankenstein! Rathbone's friend, Boris Karloff, lived 3 blocks away in the Dakota.

The Dakota

Jason Robards


The Dakota —1 West 72nd St.


Rosalind Russell


Pomander Walk260-266 West 95th Street
(dates unknown)

Pomander Walk is a village-in-a-city, a tiny pedestrian-only street of tiny houses running from 94th to 95th Street between Broadway and West End Avenue.

Humphrey Bogart and Lillian and Dorothy Gish also lived on Pomnder Walk at one time.

The Dakota

Robert Ryan


The Dakota —1 West 72nd St.

Ryan's apartment became John Lennon and Yoko Ono's apartment after he moved out in 1973, shortly before his death from lung cancer at age 63.

From the 1940s until his death in 1973 Ryan had key roles in many major films. A few notable movies from the later part of his career were The Dirty Dozen, The Professionals and Sam Peckinpah's highly influential brutal western The Wild Bunch.

217 East 62nd St.

Martin Scorsese


217 East 62nd St.

Scorsese sold this townhouse in November 2007. He moved to a nearby beauty on 64th Street near Park Ave.

The Dakota

Zachary Scott


The Dakota —1 west 72nd St.

Zachary Scott (February 24, 1914 – October 3, 1965) was an American actor, most notable for his roles as villains and scoundrels.

Alfred Lunt discovered Scott acting in local theater in Texas in the early 1940s. He convinced him to move to New York City, where he appeared on Broadway. Jack Warner saw him in a performance, and signed him to appear his first movie 1944.

The Chelsea Hotel

Edie Sedgwick


740 Park Avenue — at 71st Street

In the Summer of 1964, after her 21st birthday, Edie moved to New York and into her grandmother’s fourteen room apartment at this address.

In the fall of 1964 she moved into her own apartment on E. 63rd Street between Fifth and Madison (exact address unknown)

In January 1965, Edie met Andy Warhol and became one of his "Factory Girls".

Chelsea Hotel (Room 105)
After leaving the Factory, she lived here. 1966-1967

The Beresford

Jerry Seinfeld


The Beresford — 211 Central Park West / 1 and 7 West 81st Street

Jerry also owns a building for his cars on West 83rd, between Columbus and Amsterdam. Originally a two-story house, he had it converted into a luxuray garage for his car collection and also created a large office space on the third floor.

19 West 12th
(undergoing renovation)

Meryl Streep


The Beresford — 211 Central Park West / 1 and 7 West 81st Street

19 West 12th St
Streep bought this house in 1995 for 2 million. The 162 year old, 25 ft wide townhouse was sold in October 2005 for 9.1 million

The Osborne

Gig Young


The Osborne Apartments—205 West 57th Street

This is where Young ended his life, in 1978, by first shooting his wife of three weeks and then turning the gun on himself.